Meet the Ruby community @ 35c3

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The 35th Chaos Communication Congress from December 27th to 30th, 2018

Dear lovely Rubyists,

There will be a Ruby Town Assembly again! And we want you to join us for some amazing days on the congress in Leipzig.

More Infos about the 35c3:

Buy your ticket

Tickets are sold out. The best way to get one is to keep an eye on Twitter. There will be people who sell their ticket.

Join the assembly Slack Channel

We have a public #rubytown channel at the Rails Berlin e.V. Slack. You can get in touch with the other Rubytowners before the congress for planning etc.

Rubytown Swag

You can order some Rubytown themed shirts, hoodies, baby bodies, mugs etc. It would be nice, if we show some visual presence at the congress. To avoid logistic troubles, everyone can order for themselves before the congress. Order swag

Who will come

Who brings what



Workshops / Self organized Sessions

Equipment that is needed

Feel free to add other items we need :)


We have a sticker exchange box. So if you have some stickers you wanna share, bring them with you.

Promote Ruby Town at your local usergroup