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The 33th Chaos Communication Congress from December 27th to 30th, 2016

Dear lovely Rubyists,

after our first assembly at the Congress last year, we want to do that again <3

We will collect all information here in this repo.

More Infos about the 33rd CCC:

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Register for our Assembly at the Congress It's a bit tricky: First, you have to create a profile in the wiki and say that you are member of the Rubytown Assembly. After confirming your profile, go back to the assembly page, click on the arrow right of the star and then click "Refresh". Now you should see you name in the member list.

Buy your ticket

Join the assembly Slack Channel

We have a public rubytown channel at the Rails Berlin e.V. Slack. Just join to get in touch with all the rubyists:

Who will come

Who brings what


Organise a bus trip together


Workshops / Self organized Sessions

Equipment that is needed

Feel free to add other items we need :)

Play NO Game at the Congress

Promote Ruby Town at your local usergroup